Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ABC Wednesday: A is for
Angling off Llandudno Pier

Access to the landing stage off the end of Llandudno Pier is restricted to anglers. A landing stage was added to the pier in 1891. At one time there was a regular ferry service to the Isle of Man. In 1969 it was totally rebuilt in concrete and steel, which enabled its use by the largest Isle of Man Steamers then in use. Now only the occasional boat such as the steamer MV Waverley call at the pier.

You can see all 41 photographs from my trip to Llandudno last Friday on the Geo-trip site which includes a slide show presentation.

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  1. Thanks for the Amazing information. I learn so many new things each ABC Wednesday, and go places I never heard of. Nice choice for A day.

  2. Unusual to see "fishing only". I've only ever seen "no fishing"!
    Jane x

  3. Looks like a place I would love to fish at too.
    Like Jane said, I haven't seen a fishing only sign before, just the negative of NO!

  4. If you can't go by a boat, at least you can get some fish. That is always nice.

  5. What fun - both the post and the place,

  6. Good place for some great photographs

    Pheno, ABC Wednesday Team

  7. I still think of you often and read your blogs. Sorry I don't comment much. I'm glad we are friends.

    I'm very busy learning some animation software, and Tessa is working on some new art this summer. We are doing well. Hope you are too.

  8. Lovely place, Llandudno, and some lovely images. x