Monday, June 18, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday:A tram to Monsall

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Last Wednesday services began running on the Metrolink tramway extension from Manchester Victoria to Oldham Mumps. This Oldham-bound tram is just entering St Peter's Square from St Werburgh's Road. I caught it that afternoon and travelled as far as the first of the new stations on the line.

I alighted at Monsall and the tram continued on its journey to Mumps.

There is ramped access from the Oldham-bound platform up to Monsall Street.

Looking back at the station from near the top of the ramp.

Crossing over the line takes us into Rushwick Avenue and on to Ruislip Avenue where there is a disabled parking bay, five padlocked bicycle cages and some Sheffield stands.

As at many Metrolink stations a lift is provided to takes passengers from street level down to the platform. The lift wasn't in operation although I was informed it would ready for use in about half an hour. Fortuneatly I am still fit enough to use the stairs.

Looking from the end of the Manchester-bound platform. This section was built on the line of a former dismantled heavy rail line.

As the electronic screen tells us, a tram is approaching. We are also informed that the next tram to St Werburgh's Road will be along in 14 minutes. And if the time is correct then comparing it to the information in the photograph's EXIF data the clock in my camera is 12 minutes fast (less an hour slow as it's still set to GMT).

I took this tram to Shudehill where I changed for a tram to Piccadilly and there caught a Euston express to Stockport and a bus home.

A contribution to Mellow Yellow Monday.

Another account with some extra photographs can be viewed on the Geograph blog.


  1. Nice looking yellows.

    Golden Memories from Korea, hope you'd come and see my MYM!

  2. I like that sign, it keep you informed. Nothing like a new system!

  3. Cool tram and beautiful Yellows..

    Visiting for MYM- hope you can stop by..