Monday, August 05, 2013

Faunagraphic in Stevenson Square

I showed you one of the Stevenson Square murals in July 2012. The street art displayed on the outside of the closed underground toilets are part of the Out House project. The art is changed every three months and this latest effort is by Sheffield artist Faunagraphic.

Here is the view from the other side which features the work of Jay Sharples. Two men were busy adding what seemed to be a wooden roof to the top of the old toilet block. I've since learnt that they've created a roof-garden.

The square was busier than usual when I visited last week as due to a fatal fire on Oldham Street there were extra buses using the stops on Stevenson Square.

A contribution to Monday Murals.


  1. Every three months? That sounds like a fun project! But not the fire. Fatal? You mean someone died?

  2. There is some great art on those three shelters, what a great idea, especially when they rotate so it never gets stale.

  3. Changing the art every three months is a great idea - it is long enough for everyone to enjoy it before it starts to peel off from the elements. Plus it draws people who need mural photos to keep returning :)

  4. I loved the idea of a roof garden on an old toilet block :-)

    Nice idea to change the art every three months.

  5. Cool art. I like the concept of a rotating open air gallery. You also captured the sense of activity in Stevenson Square. Chrissie at Mancunian Wave has also shared the vibrancy of Stevenson Square with us. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.