Friday, October 04, 2013

The Wave, St John's Square, Blackpool

The Wave by Lucy Glendinning in collaboration with Mark Merer was installed in St John's Square, Blackpool in September 2009. It is a mirror polished stainless steel wave shape with intelligent internal lighting, a laser cut pattern with transparent blue resin insets and a figure cast in crystal clear blue resin which dives from the wave.

Around the base are clear cat blue pebbles which act as seats and protection from traffic.

See another view on my photblog sithenah

A contribution to Weekend Reflections.


  1. What a beautiful sculpture ! I like those lines so smooth, and so reflectives, and I find the patern engraved on it very pleasant to the eye. You chose a perfect angle to photography it : it must be easy to take its picture on such a sunny day.

  2. The sculpture is a very nice shape for capturing reflections.

  3. The wawe is stunning... Great idea for reflection shots....I like the Cathedral too... nicely done