Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shadows of Desire

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Desire by Chris Knight is an abstract sculpture 8m high, contrasting rusty corten steel with shiny stainless steel spikes, inspired by the Blackpoo's reputation as a destination for "dirty weekends", and its hidden "fetish scene". It casts the shadow of a spiky heart on the promenade.

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It was erected as part of the Great Promenade Show which involved a complete reconstruction of Blackpool's South Promenade incorporating a major series of new public art works commissioned by Blackpool Borough Council, and described by them as "an outdoor gallery of contemporary art". Since 2001, ten large-scale permanent works have been installed at special viewing points along the well-designed new 2km walkway.

Additional information can be found at Public Art Online.

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A contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday.