Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nurse's House, Denton

In 1887 Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute for Nurses was founded with the object of providing skilled nursing for the sick poor in their own homes. Subsequently, many provincial sick nursing associations were established that were affiliated to the Jubilee Institute for Nurses. In 1897 a meeting of the Subscribers of the Denton Sick Nursing Association was held after which it was announced that William Lees of Town Lane had promised £500 towards the cost of erecting a nurses home. It was resolved that Denton Urban District Council be asked for a suitable plot of land upon which to erect a nurses home. In 1898 William Lees, a Master Brewer by occupation, agreed to erect, at his own cost, a nurses home and vest the same in the Trustees.

The home on Market Street was occupied by a succession of nurses belonging to the Denton Sick Nursing Association. As built, the ground-floor accommodation of the Nurses Home consisted of two rooms, a kitchen and a storeroom, while the first floor accommodation consisted of five rooms and a WC. There was also a full-height cellar and in 2009 this still contained the original copper boiler used for washing laundry. Outside there was a WC and a garage but the latter may not have been an original feature. A small garden was also provided.

A stone tablet over the entrance reads:


Much more on the history of Denton Nurses Home can be found on the PittDixon website.

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  1. That's so interesting that homes were provided for nurses...

  2. I'd always assumed that District Nurses were something that happened when the NHS came along and wasn't aware of its long history.

  3. That is lovely that he provided a home for the nurses and that it still stands today :)

  4. Interesting story, love, i am a retired nurse.
    Greeting from Belgium.

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  5. What an interesting story - my sister is a nurse.