Saturday, October 17, 2015

Eloquent Brain by Lisa Carter at Tedder House

This shows part of the art installation "Eloquent Brain", by artist Lisa Carter. It was one of several creations by the artists in the Haus of Helfa for the recent arts weekend in Llandudno - LLAWN03.

Remy Dean on his Haus of Helfa Journal wrote:
"This year Lisa, has developed another idea from her war-related research findings. Again, she has occupied and truly responded to the space, utilising the actual spaces and gaps. White envelopes are placed in a grid pattern, wedged upright using the gaps between the floorboards. Other wooden wedges compress stacks of envelopes along one side of the floor area. The envelopes are arranged so that when the sun slants in through the window, they cast shadows and also reveal their back-lit translucency – they are empty. Envelopes immediately indicate correspondence and their emptiness raises questions. So the emptiness becomes poignant. Are these envelopes representing letters that were never written, or thoughts that could not be put into words?"
10,500 enevlopes were used to create the installation.

Lisa Carter was on hand at the festival and she told me much about Tedder House and how various aspects of the life and work of Lord Tedder had influenced her. I took this photograph through the window. Part of the installation is reflected in the window. More information about the work can be found on Lisa Carter's website.

From 1963 until 2004 26, Augusta Street on the corner of Trinity Street housed the Royal Airforce Association's; Llandudno branch. Previously the building which dates from 1894 had been the "Grangemore Hotel" run by Mrs G Harrison and was formerly the "Raven Boarding Accommodation".

It was renamed Tedder House after Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder (1890-1967). Lord Tedder served under Eisenhower as the Deputy Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force. Working closely with RAF Bomber Command and the US Strategic Air Forces in Europe, Lord Tedder was influential in shaping 1944 -1945 bombing campaigns in which he applied his strategy – nicknamed the "Tedder Carpet"- of supporting land forces using concentrated carpet bombing over specified areas of 1000 yards by 300 yards.

In 2007 planning permission was granted to turn it into two maisonettes and two flats but the conversion didn't materalise. Now it is "The Haus of Helfa", part of Call (Culture Action Llandudno), a Social Enterprise, which is an innovative partnership between Mostyn Estates and Helfa Gelf Cyf. It is being used by a dozen local artists to house and create various art installations.

Images and recollections of Tedder House can be seen on the CALL website.

More of my photos from LLAWN03 can be found on Geograph.

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  1. A lot of history to that house.

    The first shot feels quite appropriate in black and white.

  2. An intriguing piece of art. Empty envelopes certainly create a sense of sad questions. And what a beautiful building.

  3. "Eloquent Brain" is quite interesting. It could also be that the envelopes represent censored letters. Never received by the recipients.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  4. Great patterns in your black and white - gorgeous light and deep shadows!

  5. The "eloquent brain" exhibit sounds fascinating!

  6. Oh my goodness, a lot of work went into creating this installation!

  7. Love the images , but not so crazy about the caveat about your site using
    google to analyze my information.

  8. Fascinating art installation and lovely photography post ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  9. Interesting explanation of the art installation.

  10. Thought provoking exhibition, lovely photos

  11. Very interesting things going on in your B&W! I would like to be there for a closer look at the art work!

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    Visting from The Weekend in B&W, greetings Hilde