Friday, October 30, 2015

The Vale Cottage

The sign for the Vale Cottage hangs on the Kirk Street side of the public house on Croft Bank in Gorton. Although very close to the urbanised area of Gorton, Manchester, the public house appears to occupy a rural setting. It has recently re-opened under new management.

A wider coloured view can be seen on Geograph.

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  1. That first capture has reflections everywhere. What a great shot. So much to see in such a limited space.

  2. Interesting structure...I'd like to visit.

  3. Great shadows topped by as lovely blue sky!

  4. At first, I thought in the first view that the top floor was open and the view through the window was of the tree behind!

  5. Haven't been to Gorton since my teenage years. I don't recall anywhere looking as picturesque as that.

  6. Good reflection in the sign. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Nice shots! I'd like to go inside for a pint. :-)

  8. Fascinating perspectives of this lovely old building. The shadow patterns add special charm.

  9. I like the shadow from the tree, good work, impressiv !
    This is my contribution
    Greetings from Germany