Wednesday, November 11, 2015

ABC Wednesday: R is for
Road Train at Rest And Be Thankful

From Llandudno there is a Road Train you can catch that will take you on a tour of the Marine Drive a road that goes around the side of the promontory known as the Great Orme. At the top it breaks the journey with a 15-20 minutes stop at "Rest and be thankful" where there is a small café.

The view looking west ranges towards the island of Anglesey with the smaller Puffin Island visible just off shore.

Looking slightly east of north the view shows the top of a former lighthouse that has since been converted into a guesthouse.

Looking east rain can be seen coming over the wind turbines in Liverpool Bay whilst on the right is the Little Orme.

This shows the rear of the Rest and be Thankful where most people from the road train and the red car in the car park are partaking of some refreshments.

And finally a look at the road and two riders tackling the climb on their cycles.

A contribution to ABC Wednesday
and Wednesday Waters.


  1. I think I would Rather take the Road train than the cycles.
    They make me tired just looking at the photo.

  2. I would love some day to take that train!

  3. Great views! A road train's a new term to me.

  4. I've taken that train ride, it's quite a view from the rest area, as your pictures show testament.
    A beautiful and serene vista.
    Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Pleasant train ride, with beautiful sights.

  6. Seems a like a pleasant trip, i would like to that it sometime

    Have a nice abc-day/ - week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ <abc-w-team)

  7. The road train looks like a wonderful way to enjoy the views and the fresh sea air. Looks like fascinating coastal terrain.

  8. Such a beautiful view. Thanks for sharing. If you decide to come visit my R pics I am including a link so it doesn't get lost in the bloggyness of my day.

  9. I'd be hopping on that train for a view of the scenery. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Am I right in assuming that there once was a "real" train here? In any case - I would gladly have taken the tour. I looks lovely

    1. if by "real train" you mean one that ran on rails - most definitely NOT.