Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bench and gorse tree at Moore Nature Reserve

Last week my friend Gordon White took me on a visit to Moore Nature Reserve near Warrington. It comprises almost 200 acres of woodland, meadows, lakes and ponds and is home to many diverse species of plants, animals, birds and other wildlife. Here am I sitting on a bench underneath a gorse tree.

Here is my own photo of the same bench and tree a few moments after Gordon had walked on by.

More information about Moore Nature Reserve can be found on its website.

A contribution to Our World Tuesday and NF Trees and Bushes.


  1. Lovely and interesting area alongside the Manchester Ship Canal. There's even a traffic free cycle path through there that takes one from Runcorn to Warrington. It comes out not far from Bank Quay Station.

  2. Tänk om den skulle falla, inte bra alls. bilden är bra i alla fall.
    Ha en bra dag

  3. A nice place to sit. I've never heard of a gorse tree, so it must not grow here.

  4. Looks like a nice park! We don't have gorse trees in Virginia either.