Saturday, October 14, 2006

Yet Another Blog

Ok well I've created a new blog.

The idea is to have somewhere to post small snippets that don't belong on my regular website or a more specific blog.

It will be a place to post announcements and whatever else comes to mind.

I'll probably start by posting little bits about our recent holiday to Crete.


  1. Hi Gerald - looks good to me. So glad to be the first.

  2. And how do you like your "another" identity? I had to read very carefully to learn why the title of the blog was clever. Look forward.

  3. Hi Meg
    Too often my surname gives folk the wrong impression about me. Some people actually assume its a pseudonym. I've always regarded myself as first a Yorkshireman and then British. England is my surname not the country I live in which is the UK.
    So here I'm emphasising my roots.

  4. Good on you, because Ben and I often talked about whether it is your real surname! So, Yorkshireman! (I hear the theme song of All Creatures in the background - is that a desirable mindset?)