Thursday, April 10, 2008

Adina Enachescu: Miresme si greieri

Miresme si greieri (Fragrances and Crickets) is the latest collection of haiku from Adina Enachescu.

It is a tri-lingual book in Romanian, English and French.

Marcel Crihana in his preface admits that
many lyrics can not be translated. Others ones lose their unrivalled artistic quality of Romanian language. It is necessary as the haiku to use a universal language, even if this thing is to the detriment of the promotion of our culture and and our language.
My favourites from this collection are:

At the Waterfall -
among the water sounds
the nightingale...


On the northern lake -
only one moon
and so many water lilies!


Path on the bank -
dating with the moon
our shadows!

Editura Perpessicius
Bd 1 Decembrie 1918 Nr.72
Bl. VN5, Sc A Et 3Ap 14
Sector 3, O.P.72
Cod postal 032469

ISBN 978 973 8477 68 1
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