Friday, September 05, 2008

Arrabella the Arachnid

I've been inspired by Deslilas from Radonvilliers to resurrect here part of a now lost website dedicated to Arrabella the Arachnid.

In September 1999 a spider took up residence in my driver's wing-mirror. I had returned to the car several times after parking it in town to find a web. Whilst driving along I noticed the spider hanging on to the web and swaying in the wind.

I wrote a haiku

on a web twixt door
and wing-mirror - a spider
riding the highway

Gerald England

I shared this with friends and Arrabella, as she came to be called, developed fans in the USA and Australia. Despite torrential rainstorms on the weekend of 19th September, she and her web survived.

Below are more contemporary pictures of this creature who found a home in my wing-mirror, together with some poems by writers inspired by her story.


web walker

peaceful warrior
the child

Victoria Tarrani


Arrabella, twilight dancer, moved with speed and grace
up a side of metal to a smaller, private place.

Harbored from the wind and weather, safety was achieved;
there inside the mirror's frame her tangled web was weaved.

Arrabella, morning greeter, rested in the sun,
looking out in admiration at the work she'd done.
When suddenly the world began to move around her space,
and wind rushed in to try and shake her from her sheltered place.

Arrabella, valliant warrior, huddled in the lee.

Determined not to lose her home, she clung courageously,
til finally the wind died down; the world returned to norm
and Arrabella realized she'd ridden out the storm.

Arrabella, truimph bearer, smiled at the world
from the safety of the corner where her form was curled.
Her new web safe, her world complete, she settled down to sleep;
Arrabella, twilight dancer, had found a home to keep.

T E Blair

Photographs © Gerald England, 1999


  1. Nicely observed photographs and fun poetry as well.

    BTW, did you actually sex the spider, or is it just convention to consider it as female?

  2. Beautiful story,haiku and poems.
    Our two spiders, Arrabella was and mine is, close to the driver, they want to be seen.

  3. Nature has a distinct sense of humor. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love this - a bit of 'yes, I can' from the small world. I remember a friend who drove for some 80 miles only to find a small frog clinging to the wheel cover...

  5. What a find! Lovely photos, disarming story AND poetry!!!! Also, maybe someone who can let this old lady in on the tricks of 'linking', I'd love to put the ABC Wednesday and the Bonzer logos on my Blog, plus, of course, the link! If you were ready to help ONE Aussie, maybe you can help TWO!!!!

  6. Ackworth, hi! Nice web and poem too.

    Thanks for coming back by, Now that I turned off the music you will have to visit more often.

  7. Nice pictures, I don't use my car often so there are spiders all over. Interesting post.

  8. Unusual post and enjoyable. Those spiders that live in wing mirrors seem very hardy.

  9. Hi Gerald,
    oooooow though I do NOT like spiders, but I do like your mirrow-spider-composition, very wellmade photograpy Gerald! Say "hi" to your spirder... is he/she still a resident in your car's mirror?

    Good week wishes from

  10. That spider know how to work even if it's a headwind :)

    I'm sorry that I have not bean able to create something for the bridge building project the last times and I will try to do something next time.

  11. Thanks Gerald for pointing me to your wonderful story of Arrabella and her home. She was quite the survivor and determined to stay put. I admire her for that. I enjoyed the beautiful photos and poetry, haiku, and writings. Thanks so much for sharing this with me.

  12. lovely post - i enjoyed reading the poems too