Monday, September 01, 2008

A Little Bridge at St Anne's on Sea

For this month's contribution to Broer som Binder (Bridges between) we have travelled to the Lancashire coastal resort of St Anne's on Sea.

Just set back off the main road to Lytham is an ornamental garden. On the right you can perhaps make out a little bridge.

Here is that bridge in all its glory. It doesn't actually do much more than look pretty. The path over the top is very rocky and cobbly.

From the end of the ornamental gardens a footpath cuts between the sand dunes and a small park encircled by a minature railway. My wife's wheelchair almost got stuck in sand that had blown on to the path.

Beyond lies the sea, or more correctly, the estuary of the River Ribble. The tide looks far out, but in a few hours it may be pounding at the wall.

To discover more bridge builders visit Visual Norway


  1. It looks like such a beautiful place, and your photos are great. That bridge is stunning, I love the look of the stones.

  2. Some bridges are made for hustle and bustle - some are made for peace and quiet and to look pretty. This one certainly does.

    It must be well worth visiting.

  3. It sure looks PRETTY! :)
    Wonderful shots.

  4. Wonderful shots. And yours bridge is very pretty:)

  5. That bridge does look lovely. I wonder if my husband knows it - he used to live in Lytham.

    Looking forward to seeing your Glasgow photos :)

  6. Great little bridge in a perfect setting!

    If you get a chance, stop by my entry on my new blog.


  7. I suppose being solid and looking pretty isn't too bad for a bridge?

  8. Lovely photos - remind me when I used to work near there.
    That mud can be great for birdwatching just before or after the tide is tide.