Thursday, November 06, 2008

Marina Zografou: Spellbounds Forms

The latest in a long list of books by Marina Zografou is Spellbounds Forms which is dedicated to the memory of her sister Athena who left her alone on 26th Nov 2007.
You left fast as if you were in a hurry to meet the paradise
You were fond of the beauteous, of the high quality
You were whelmed by waves of mien,
of dignity, of consistence, of offering
Everything always guided you to good
... you live in my mind each moment
A blond girl with blue eyes, all lighted up and beautiful
This is a bilingual edition in Greek and English of over 200 pages. It includes details of her books and numerous international awards, Patricia Prime's review of FOUR BOOKS POETRY and some tributes by other writers.
Ifestionos 46
Thrakomakedones 13671
Two poems from an earlier collection, LEGIONS OF THE NIGHT can be found on the Zimmerzine Archive.

Read reviews of earlier works on NHI Review.


  1. wonderful line ending: "...hurry to meet the paradise"
    my old mum is not exactly hurrying to paradise but she is kind of looking forward to the next great adventure, as she terms it.
    I enjoy modern Greek poems. I have a very good Rissos on my shelf.

  2. Imagine that. Living in somebody's mind each moment. Truly touching.