Monday, March 02, 2009

When is a Bridge not a Bridge?

For our contribution on the first Monday of the month to Broer som Binder [Bridges between] today we are in Manchester.

This certainly looks like a bridge but is it?

It lies across Gorton Upper Reservoir to the East of Manchester. I strongly suspect that at one time you could indeed walk across and there are signs of a footpath on the far bank. The curved stonework along the top appears to have been added at a later date to stop people using it as a bridge. The spiked ironwork stretching either side is another added deterent to the foolhardy.

On my earlier post Skywatch at Gorton Lower Reservoir you can see the other side of the bridge where some swans are swimming.

The reservoir is presently very low, but it would seem that at one time the water level was much higher. The reservoirs were built in 1826 and were then Manchester's principal water supply.

More details of and links to other participants to Broer som Binder can be found on Visual Norway.


  1. Are you sure there isn't a pipe encased it it? I've seem that sort of structure elsewhere (can't remember where , but that is just age).

  2. The arches certainly make it seem like a bridge to me. I have a problem visualising someone building a reservoir with arches! So my suggestion is that a bridge was converted to a reservoir. Pity about the closed ironwork, though.

    PS Thank you for the comment! You are quite right of course - blogging can be a "curse" that way (as you very probably know). However, you'll still find bridges here and I'll watch out for yours. BTW, I'm in Kristiansand visiting family at the moment.

  3. I would guess that it is an aqueduct also to carry water. Interesting bridge in any case.