Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I took this photograph of a bauble in a vain attempt to emulate excellent pictures taken by Edwin in Kuala Lumpur and Lisa in Hong Kong.

A picture of the tree on which this bauble was hung can be viewed on Hyde Daily Photo.


  1. Hey, what were we told when we were kids?? The important thing is to keep trying. But, I understand your disappointment. If my photos were judged in comparison to other bloggers, I'd have to quit, but it's fun!!

  2. Ach, I tried the same thing! (I haven't posted it anywhere yet... I think it needs some touching up first.) I do like your colors, even if you didn't quite get the reflection you wanted!

    (I'd like to apologize if I'm publishing 8 comments; this thing doesn't seem to be accepting any form of me signing in.)

  3. I can imagine your self-portrait in that bauble!

  4. A very Blessed Christmas to you too!

    Greetings from Singapore!
    I got your postcard!