Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Matrushka Dolls

Yesterday we finally got around to separating the Matrushka Dolls we bought on our Baltic Cruise in June.

We bought them, not in Russia, but from a stall in Tallinn, Estonia. The stall-holder's son looks just like Rodney out of "Fools & Horses".


  1. i LOVE these. i wanted a set so badly when i was little. i saw a set that belonged to an older lady, but she didn't offer them to me (can you blame her? haha). for whatever reason, i never had the opportunity to buy any (i'm not even sure what the big attraction was for me??). i think i will put them on my life's list of things to do - haha!
    great photo. hope your holidays are going well...

  2. I had a set of Matrushka dolls when I was young but have no idea where they are. I now just have one small doll that my sister gave me a few years ago when she lived in Russia. I hadn't until them realised you could get then separately. I'd love to go to Tallinn too.

  3. I love these! I have a set of Father Christmas ones which I love to display at Christmas.

    Great blog!
    Thanks for visiting mine!

  4. Did you have a river trip? And what did you like the most in SPb? Or dislike in our city? It's always very interesting to watch at the city with the "stranger's eyes"

  5. Oh, that's a familiar thing! I wonder, though, why they turned into Matrushka in English transcription while their real name is Matreshka (or Matroshka).