Thursday, January 11, 2007

Arrival in Nottingahm



The train
over the Beeston Canal
with swans cruising up past barges parked townward
into that long
track-covered curve
of ground
in the Goods Yard North
for passengers
to take stock
of the view
of the castle
standing at
the other end
of the curve's radius,
on its solid rock foundation
Shunts forward
into the Goods Yard West
Further aspects
of the castle
Lurches gradually
into the Goods Yard East
leaving the castle
behind an engine shed
the station.



The photographs are courtesy of Gail's Man at Nottingham Daily Photo.

Although written in 1971 this poem wasn't published until 1991 when it appeared in the US magazine The Vincent Brothers' Review.

It was subsequently published in the anthologies THE POETS ENGLAND: NOTTINGHAMSHIRE (Brentham Press, 1993) and MARIGOLDS GROW WILD ON PLATFORMS (Cassel, 1996) and is included in my collection LIMBO TIME.

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  1. I LOVE train journey, except commuting in Tokyo. We had a great time traveling from Edinburgh to ... that port in Wales where you cross to Dublin one time.... But had a hidious trip with delays, changes, and everything else, from Edinburgh to Durham another time - it took 11 hours round trip, it rained in Durham, the castle was closed for a wedding, and the tower closed for Evensong. The only thing that was open was the shop at the Cathedral. (And a great fudge stall in front of the station.)