Sunday, January 07, 2007

Amazing Amazon

I'm in shock.

I just discovered that Amazon are listing my book The Art of Haiku as available second-hand from dealers in the USA at price in excess of £80.

Who are these people?

I'm selling copies privately for £5.

I'm stilling getting orders from bookshops who are selling it at the retail price of £7.95

Want a bargain? Buy direct from me! See my current special offers.


  1. You should raise the price to £10. :-)

    Congratulations!! You are now an in-demand author. When is the movie coming out. :-)

  2. Isn't that something! You've underpriced your work. Of course, you could also say that they've overpriced it, but I prefer the first interpretation, don't you?

    Thanks for coming by my blog today and commenting on wheelie bins.

    I took part of your tour of Wales on your other blog and plan to go back and tour some more today.

    Were you born in West Yorkshire? There are also three Ackworth towns in the United States, did you know?