Saturday, January 13, 2007

Black Swans

Swans have featured recently on a couple of DP sites. Lynn at Cheltenham started it and then Ame from Santa Clara and Mark from Taunton joined in.

We found this black swan swimming in the pond on our visit in November to Oswaldtwistle Mill.

Actually there were two swans.

I'm not sure if black swans are quite as viscious as their white cousins, such as the ones I encountered at Thorpe Acre in Leicestershire.

And here is a link to one I photographed in Southport


  1. Great shot, something special about 'the odd one out' the black swan or the albino mouse.

  2. Yep, VERY cool! Thanks for doing this! And Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...can you explain Mark's comment about the albino mouse Gerald? I think he's getting his animals mixed up! Either that or he just likes to monkey around, LOL! ;)

  3. love your black swans

    I've just posted a haiga with swans done in collaboration with phill deason at Mandy's Meanderings

  4. Swans, swans, everywhere! Gerald, inspired by your New Year's Day attempt, I'm going down the list and trying to visit EVERY city blog in the link - after 3 days, I'm down to Oxford today. But I'm finding new places, and quite a few new favorites in some surprising places.

  5. How beautiful and exotic...I would like to see these in person.

  6. Lets see now... there is a Black Swan Hotel in Helmsley, Yorkshire.

    We have wild swans on some of our lakes, I will try and get some pics soon.

  7. summer lake -
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