Wednesday, January 17, 2007


she does not reflect
upon the mirror but it
reflects her beauty

gerald england

The theme at One Deep Breath this week is reflections.

This poem was first published in Platform (Hampshire, not to be confused with the Yorkshire magazine of the same name) in 1972.

It is included in my collection Stealing Kisses.

This haiga was completed by Kuniharu Shimizu and published in 2000 on his digital haiga gallery see haiku here.

Other haiga he has composed using my haiku can be viewed here.


  1. Lovely reflections! I like the double use (and double meaning) of the word "reflect" here.

  2. Loved the double reflection and painting.

  3. Nice. It captures (reflects :-D) the beauty of unselfconsciousness (but not unreflectiveness :-D, necessarily).

  4. Good to see you participating in One Deep Breath, Gerald! Very nice haiku and haiga too.

  5. I love this work. I'm very imressed the way you captured the scene, her personality, and your idea about her in these three short lines!