Friday, January 26, 2007

The Boot & Shoe at Ackworth

This picture of a family group outside the Boot & Shoe was posted along with some other pictures on the Ackworth Village website [dead link deleted] by Lisa Mitchell.

Lisa is my niece and the geneologist in the family. She wrote
I am told the woman holding the pram is my Grandma, Ruth England (wife of Victor Albert England) and the baby in the pram is one of my Uncles (He still living in Ackworth). I believe the picture is about 60 yrs old, but could be older. I don't know the others in the photo.

Ruth was my mother and I believe the baby is my brother Ken. This would date the picture to around 1933.

The Ackworth Village Online website carried a nice set of photographs of Village Landmarks but the site is now dead.

Active Ackworth websites appear to be limited to
  • Ackworth Community Church, which seems to be based in Ackworth Parish Council Community Centre, a building I used to know as the library.
  • Ackworth Heritage Group [dead link deleted], which had some excellent pages about the history of the village.
  • Ackworth School, known locally as the Quaker School. This site organised by the IT Department at the school.
  • Welcome to Ackworth School, the school's official website.

When I still lived at home I'd often go with my dad "up to t'Boot" for a pint or two and a game of dominos.

Sadly, the last time I was there was after Lisa's mum's funeral.


  1. At least Lisa is starting the family tracing when people are still available - I was somewhat later and it's much more difficult. More power to her elbow - and to yours for pint lifting!

  2. Wonderful post. I love these old pictures and the pram is fabulous.

  3. lovely to have happened across your blog, quite by accident i admit, but a heart-warming one as i wasn't expecting to find ackworth on my wanderings! one of my grandparents came from there, and even though i now live far away it has made me so happy to see these photos! really like your blog by the way, including your poems and photos. have a good day