Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Truth Meme

OK this here "truth meme" has been going around, recently on the blogs of Ame ~~ Lynne ~~ Soosha-Q

TOPIC: "Five Things You Don't Know About Me (of which, only FOUR are TRUE) ... Which one's NOT True?" ~ DISCUSS!

  1. I went to school with Rita Haworth.

  2. I went skinny-dipping on a beach near Bridlington.

  3. I drove over the Atlantic.

  4. I did the twist on stage dressed in a monkey suit.

  5. My shortest published poem consists of a single three-letter word.

In the tradition of QI I may award minus points for obvious but wrong answers. Creative comments and/or correct answers may earn their authors a book or postcard.

To comment, click on the link below labelled responses. If you aren't a blogger you can still respond by selecting other or anonymous and posting your comment. If you choose "anonymous" though do sign your name within the comment else I'll probably delete it.


  1. I think I'll go with #5. I'm just hoping you went to school with the lovely Rita, because that's just too cool!

  2. Well...Soosha....guess then I'm gonna have to go with #3! Cuz I HOPE he skinnydipped! ;) ME BAD! LOL! Thanks for the link Gerald...

  3. I'm going with the three letter word. If i'm wrong i want to know what the word is! I reckon it must be bag, that you wrote a poem about the £300 bag that i was so interested in and you were so exasperated by! he he

  4. I say number five because...
    A poem must have at least another word to accompany it.
    If it is number five, then a good word would be the word verification I am typing for this comment .... and it is.....
    on top of that it now asks for this word to be typed in
    How about a poem composed of the word verification letters

  5. Well, I reckon with a suitable title - "Ode to a sunny day by a monosyllabic emperor penguin waiting in the dark" - you might get away with "sad".

    Well, I'd say even if you took a drive-on drive-off boat across, that's not driving, so 3.

  6. Logic.....
    1. Rita Haworth (not Hayworth) exists in 'Northern' England so this could be true.
    2. Skinny-dipping sound like the mad sort of thing you might do even if the water was freezing.
    3. Scotland does boast a bridge over the Atlantic close to Oban and I know you've been up here.
    4. Again doing the twist in a monkey suit, especially on stage, sounds like you.
    5. a poem of a single three letter word sounds so totally unlikely it has to be true.

    I've got to plump for 2 or 4 and I'll go with 4 as being untrue.