Monday, January 01, 2007

Hyde Photo of the Year 2006: Runner-up

Today's theme on Hyde DP is Photo of the Year. I couldn't pick just one out of all the photos I'd published this year, so selected ten contenders, created a web page and asked all my readers to vote for their choice. I want to thank all the people who took the trouble to vote. The winning picture is shown on Hyde DP. The close runner-up is shown above.

Here are the results, together with links to the original postings and some comments from voters. All ten photographs can be viewed together at The Best of Hyde Daily 2006

1. April 28th: Jack Curvis (139)
He looks so jolly and so not an American.. is he a typical Brit? ** I just love how that picture looks like it belongs somewhere and isn't from where I'm from. ** I just love the smile on Jack's face and the warmth I see in the conversation he's probably having with you. ** I love the man's wonderful outfit and smile. ** for sheer colour and that welcoming smile ** I always prefer people shots and that portrait has lots of elements to make a good photo! ** A guy with a hat like that in a typically english shop. Great.

2. October 27th: Looking up Treacle Brow (114)
I love the way the road bends around the picture, such a lovely place. ** That's very English to me. ** The cobblestone street is so very beautiful. ** It is my image of Hyde, treacle is so English and only in England do you have Brows. ** for layout and pespective.

3. April 10th: Hyde Chapel (93)
Breathtaking. ** Wonderful. ** Scenery has good balance. Green color gives me relax feeling. Of course, Chapel itself is beautiful! Houses at the front is nice too, the view far away seems like an ocean. This kind of photo takes me to quick trip to another world!

4. November 18th: Salvation Army Buskers (64)
I love the Salvation Army buskers. ** It's a classic!

5. July 10th: Booth's Well (62)
It illustrates the past(Mad Hatter), present (the flowers), and the future (stained glass-time memorial)...also has a 2006 date which stamps its mark in time.

6. August 18th: Old Railway Cutting Wall (60)
Old railway lines are a passion. ** This wall full of ferns is just beautiful. ** I think the heritage of a location is most important.

7. July 30th: Stained Glass in Hyde Bus Station (58)
Lovely and evokes emotion. ** Wonderful.

8. June 2nd: It's a Dogs Life (56)
I have a golden retreiver ** Wonderful.

9. September 12th: Mayor Rings a Bell (30)
I really like 'Mayor rings a bell'. Clanging in a New Year, I guess. ** Lovely and evokes emotion.

10. September 9th: Inside the Theatre Royal (16)
I'm a firm beleiver in the preservation of the Theatre Royal.

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  1. This picture is as great as the winner. Congratulations for all your work! Greetings from Mexico & sorry for the grammar.