Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lunar eclipse

This haiga has appeared on Spring Haiku 2007

A number of people around Europe were trying to photograph the lunar eclipse last night. Here are a few:
There is another nice set of photos on the BBC news website.

The first photo was taken just before 10.30pm. This second photo was taken about two hours later. To my naked eye it looked just like a normal crescent moon. Why my camera seems to have taken a double-image is a mystery to me. I just point, shoot and hope.


  1. Nice post, Gerald!
    Thank u also for the links

  2. Thank you Gerald about this post and about link

  3. Your photos are really interesting. I enjoyed your blog :)

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    Thanks for the comment, Gerald !

    The Eclipse, a haik topic

    Eclipse and Blood Moon

    Gabi Greve

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  5. Thanks for the shot !
    It's very difficult to take a lunar photo.
    Le lunar light burn the lens...