Monday, October 06, 2008

Southport Pier

Our contribution to Broer som Binder [Bridges between] this month takes us to the Lancashire resort of Southport.

[note - geographically, Southport is and always was in Lancashire; politically it is now part of the Sefton borough of Merseyside.]

"Low bridge 200 yds ahead" say the signs on Marine Drive. Actually, what crosses the carriageway is the UK's oldest surviving iron pier, opened in 1860.

Here is the underside of the pier as it crosses Marine Drive. On the left is a ramp that allows pedestrians to exit the pier at this point.

This shows the bridge section over Marine Drive from the pier itself, which stretches several hundred feet out over the beach.

The pier underwent a £7 million refurbishment in 2002. This picture was taken just before it re-opened for the 2003 season.

The whole pier is 3,600ft long (second longest in the UK) and before it reaches Marine Drive, let alone the sea, it first crosses the Marine Lake from the Promenade. This 2002 picture shows that section. Since then, on the other side of the pier and parallel to it, a new road and a new bridge, Marine Way, has been built.

More details of and links to other participants to Broer som Binder can be found on Visual Norway.


  1. They really knew how to build bridges in those days. They were often not only functional, but anaesthetically pleasing as well. I'll like the way you have shown it from many angles.

  2. Love the bridge, but really impressed by the number of water birds floating around it.

  3. I like the low shot, really shows off that deep blue. I had no idea that Sputhport had the oldest Iron Pier.

  4. Gerald,
    Southport is one of my favourite places in the North West of England. Much nicer than Runcorn. If I ever come back to live in England I think I will live in Southport. By the way, congrats on yet another award!
    Cheers and mine's a pint, make that two, of Boddies,

  5. It's always worth looking on the lake - never know what wildfowl you might find.
    The pier can be quite a good place for birding too (feathered I mean...)

    Did you get chance to go further along the front to Marshside? Great bird spotting there, especially on a 9.8m plus tide.