Wednesday, December 03, 2008

ABC Wednesday - T is for Tom Wigley

Today's photographs are © 2008, Tom Wigley.

I had an email from Tom Wigley on Sunday:
I had a little drive up Matley Lane and onto Harrop Edge yesterday dinner... The views towards Gee Cross were fantastic. Werneth Low was like an island poking up above the mist. I have enclosed 4 pictures... feel free to use them on your blogs.

Tom is fine although too busy working on renovating his old Land Rover to do any blogging. He misses the banter but pops around blog land when he can to catch up on folk.

Tom's blogs Wigger's World and Tom's Theme Day Posts are currently on hold. The first, especially, contains a wealth of photographs and information and the archives are well worth searching.

More T posts can be seen on the ABC Wednesday Anthology blog.

Others can be found via the ABC Wednesday with Mister Linky which carries a registry of participants.


  1. I'm glad that you have chosen Tom as "your T". I must say I miss his humorous contributions and fine pictures. The pictures were fine indeed, so let us hope that he gets his Landrover back in shape soon and himself back into action!

  2. I miss Tom too Gerald, but great to see you feature hime here today.We are a community who looks out for each other and this warmed the cockles of my heart....or is it the apricot brandy I am testing for Christmas. LOL! Hugs.

  3. Thank you. This has made my incredibly crappy day a little better. I miss both blogs especially Wigger's world. These really are etherel images.

    Re your flippant comments on my blog it was superb timing and actually made me laugh.

  4. What incredible shots of that mist! Always enjoy popping over. :D

  5. thanks for sharing these lovely pics !

  6. Thanks for posting those photos from Tom Wigley.
    They are TERRIFIC!!

    Bear((( )))

  7. Those were magnificently misty and it´s wonderful that you shared them.

  8. Very nice...the photos have a cool "Sherlock Holmes" feel to them.

  9. At least he's still taking pics! That's what counts! I'm glad he is seizing the day! We miss you, Tom! Beautiful foggy shots!

  10. Hi Gerald,
    Thanks for this great post and YES I remeber TOM, fantastic shots indeed, I miss him too, but uyou and Denise are doing a great job too!

    I wrote today 2 suggestions to solve the problem an alternative way , becaus Mr Linky is not working) see your email