Monday, December 01, 2008

The Little Bridge at Bardsley

This month's contribution to Broer som Binder takes us to Bardsley Bridge, although I am not going to show you Bardsley Bridge itself.

Bardsley bridge carries the A627 over the river Medlock from Ashton-under-Lyne to Oldham. I showed you the Ashton side when I took you to Riversvale Drive. First though, I walked to the Oldham side and took a look at the Fairbottom Branch Canal.

The water-filled section of the canal ends here, but it used to extend for a further half mile under this little canal bridge.

This is the other side of the bridge. The towpath was a bit muddy but I managed to walk through without undue difficulty.

This is the footpath that leads on towards Park Bridge. I didn't attempt it, but took the steps back onto Bardsley Bridge itself.

More details of and links to other participants to Broer som Binder can be found on Visual Norway.


  1. I have had more than one look at the old British canals and have wanted to take one of those holidays on the canals - but one has a family...

  2. Beautiful, and it maks me want to go there..., where the snow not have reach the ground.

    Canal holiday, n a both, yes thank you .-)))

  3. Interesting slant! I like the canal. ..