Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ABC Wednesday - V is for Voting

On 1st January 2009, the CDPB theme will be "Photo of the Year".

Now I can't decide myself which one I should use, so have selected twelve contenders for the honour, and I am asking readers to vote for their favourites.

The full photographs and a voting form can be found at Best of Hyde Daily Photo 2008.

All readers will have 6 votes at their disposal. You can put all six on one photo or spread them out giving one each to six separate photographs, three each to two, two each to three or any combination you choose so long as the total votes given is a total of six.

Voting will close at noon GMT on Saturday 27th December 2008.

The winning picture will be posted at Hyde Daily Photo on the 1st January 2009. The runner-up and full details of the results will appear on Ackworth born, gone West.

More V posts can be seen on the ABC Wednesday Anthology blog.

Others can be found via the ABC Wednesday with Mister Linky which carries a registry of participants.

Note: Please visit Best of Hyde Daily Photo 2008 to cast your votes and look at the full pictures.

Do not vote on the basis of these thumbnails - there is no "chimney" included here! Votes made via comments to this post will not be counted.


  1. Tough choice, but I really like the clock face.

  2. I had to split my vote - I would really have liked to vote for more of them.

  3. GERALD Hi,
    My VOTE for this fantastic overview is a BIG 10! You really did more that your best! Very welldone!

    My V is a slideshowVIEW, watch mine here:

    Bye greetings from JoAnn/Holland

  4. A very, very, very difficult choice!
    I enjoy the clock and the path...

  5. And the chimney, and the bird on the bridge...The collage is really well done!

  6. For me the long path over the bridge in the left top corner is number One.

  7. A very vexing view of variety. I vacillate!

  8. I enjoyed looking at the photos and having to choose. It makes you look a bit closer.

    An Arkie's Musings

  9. They are all so cool : ). I like the brick path the best! Very cool! Great details! Aren't pictures the best?

  10. You probably know what my ultimate choice will be which I shall cast over the weekend. Good idea to search for the heme day image this way.

  11. the photos are all great but there can only be one choice right? so my choice will be the brick path.
    it reminded me of old and eerie paths that lead to them old castles.

    btw, mine is here: hope you can visit too.

    happy wednesday!

  12. I love the paved way, it's a magic shot.

  13. 2 votes to the bridge, four to the kissing gate

  14. 3 votes -
    the long grey path
    and 1 vote each -
    fell gate,
    cherry tree,
    chimney reflection in pond

  15. I've voted!

    Three votes for the long path over the bridge.

    Two for the kissing gate.

    One for the Indian Cuisine.

    Beautiful photographs, Gerald.

  16. good shots I am too poorly to vote when I feel better I will yty harder. Thanks for dropping by .XX Don

  17. Golly!
    Thats too complicated for me!