Sunday, December 14, 2008

Haiku Scotland #18

The latest issue of Haiku Scotland is #18.

£1 for four pages of A4 is not bad value. Despite its name the magazine is limited neither to haiku nor Scotland, publishing a variety of short verse from all over the world with Ireland and the USA predominant in this issue.

Featured poet is Devin Wayne Davis whose contributions include
perspective: overpass

rome of tomorrow;
parthenon off-ramps;
swap-meet coliseum;
car lot catacombs
beneath the freeway.
A couple of my favourites here are Helen Buckingham's update of Stevie Smith's famous image:
kids on the beach--
not waving
but phoning
and John W Sexton's
unsettled night
catching the cat's tail
in the kitchen door
The issue also includes a report on the results of the 2008 International Haiku Competiton by the Irish Haiku Society.

Haiku Scotland
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ISSN 1744-7232
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  1. Particularly liked the modern take on Stevie Smith. Thank you for posting it.