Monday, December 31, 2007

Newton and the Striking Apple

Newton and the Striking Apple is the latest online anthology of astropoetry, astro-photo-poetry, astrohaiku and images by SARM and Friends.

It was coordinated by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe with the enthusiastic support of his parents Steliana (Stella) and Costica Gheorghe and designed by Gabriel Ivanescu.

Amongst the UK contributions are:

one bite enough, now
Eve knows all, spits rest through time
to wise up Newton

Steve Sneyd

An apple a day
Makes light work of gravity,
Pulls earth towards it.

John Francis Haines

a tired Newton
stretched out under a tree
was almost asleep

a falling apple
accelerated his brain
straight into orbit

Gerald England

apples fall red, green,
sungold, moonsilver: at last
worm-ridden one speaks

Steve Sneyd

A bop on the head
Drove the eureka moment
Deep into his brain

John Francis Haines

There are some quite fantastic images and photographs. Among my favourites are George Pascanu's Halo, Jean Dragesco's Great Orion Nebula, Eugen Florin Marc's Moon-Venus Occultation, Mihai Cuzic's Strange Cloud, Eugen Florin Marc's Sundog, Yasuhiro Tonomura's Aurora Borealis in Alaska and Maximilian Teodorescu's Colorful Moon.

I especially enjoyed seeing the lovely haiga by Mandy Smith & Kris Foo.

Altogether it is a beautiful compilation.


  1. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Just popping over on my super speed, reformatted laptop to wish you a Happy New Year! On my blog you will find 2 awards which I want all my luverly blogging friends to share.
    Have a great 2008!


  2. i'm delighted for being part of this project :)