Saturday, February 09, 2008

A video of Qaqortoq

I just discovered this brief video flyover of Qaqortoq.

My ABC Wednesday - Q post was about Qaqortoq; our visit is documented on my cruise journal 2005; a series of haiga can be found at Haiga online and the full set of 27 photographs at Qaqortoq 2005.


  1. as a ironworker/bridgebuilder i find the concept of a bridge thus: a fixed portal between two land masses used to send one's spirit soaring to un-expected hights to mingle with like minded banshees

  2. as a ironwerker bridgebuilder my concept of a bridge is thus:a portal between two fixed land masses that permits man's spirit to soar above his creations !! to rise above one's individual achivements for the common good for the masses to utilize for the common good!