Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jean Flaherty 1936-2008

My sister Jean died on Sunday 25th May 2008.

I showed this picture of the four of us in my post E is for England.

She was, of course, Miss England until she married Patrick Flaherty. This picture shows her and Pat with our mother (left) and Aunt Nellie from Huddersfield (right)

Jean and Pat had two sons, Graham and Micheal. Here she is seen with Michael and our dad.

Here is an old photograph of Jean with elder brother Ken outside the family home in Brackenhill.

Here they are again on a caravan holiday with Mum and Dad.

And it seems there was a dog as well.

The last photo I have of Jean and Pat is from November 2005.

Jean coped most of her life with a heart condition which later required a number of operations. She died peacefully at the Prince of Wales Hospice in Pontefract.

I shall miss you Jean
your devoted brother Gerald.


  1. What a beautiful memorial, thank you for sharing this with your readers.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Gerald, and with your sister's family.

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your sister.

  4. Beautiful pictures of your sisters life.

    I lost my brother this past Easter, he was 47. I also posted a tribute to him. It helped with my sorrow to remember him with my thoughts and words.

    I am sorry for your loss.

  5. so sorry for your loss Gerald. Being part of a close family is so special, but also makes the loss of one of the family harder. This is a lovely tribute.

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful memorial full of love and happy memories.

  7. Reading this, I hear the love and laughter you shared with her. I am sorry for your loss; I am thankful you shared this with all.

  8. wow...a life so unique.Very pleased to come across this.

  9. Gerald, these photographs are a wonderful record of a generation. How I loved looking at them. Family memories are priceless.


  10. From an Ackworth lass born and bred: I know what you must be feeling as I will also be walking in your footprints this Friday as I will be attending that same cremetorium and also the Kings Croft Hotel for the funeral of my father who was also born and bred in Town End Avenue Low Ackworth as was his family before him. God Bless

  11. From an Ackworth lass born and bred; my thoughts are with you as I know what you are feeling as I will also be attending that same cremetorium this Friday for the funeral of my Father who was also born and bred in Ackworth as was his Father before him.