Sunday, November 16, 2008

Curlew ##59-60

The latest issues of Curlew are ##59-60.The first is subtitled
A memoir of the children who grew up after the war; with thanks to those have contributed.
It starts with editor J Precious' recollection of her time at Corsham in the 1950s under principal Clifford Ellis. One of the art teachers there was William Scott who taught her painting.

This leads on to John Younger who studied art at Croydon School of Art. Blindness forced him to abandon art in favour of English and he became a lecturer in the School of English at Leeds University. He retired to Lincolnshire in 1991 and poetry has since been his principle creative interest. He writes using a computer fitted with a voice synthesiser. Many of his poems have an artist theme like his HOMAGE to James Ensor (1860-1949) which begins
Half-British demi-Belge, his mixed strands
made a world where fact and fable coexist
and interact with the delicate, as when
he paints himself in a hat enfleuri,
and gross, with devils Dzitts and Hihanoux.
The issue ends with some previously published essays from the 70s on the subject of early small press magazines such as Bogg and Krax.

#60 is a more general issue of the mag with poems from Paul Tristram, Steve Sneyd, Tom Kelly, Will Daunt, Alan Hardy, Joyce Walker, myself and others.
Hare Cottage

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  1. How terribly sad for John Younger to go blind when he'd wanted to study art! Reminds me of my nephew who applied to a sports college shortly before being diagnosed with a rare form of rheumatoid arthritis.

    Good to hear that Younger made something creative of his life after all.