Monday, November 17, 2008

The Seventh Quarry #8

The Seventh Quarry is a magazine firmly based in Swansea but featuring poets from other corners of the UK, Europe and Japan as well as North and South America.

Editor Peter Thabit Jones and Aeronwy Thomas have written a Walking Guide to Dylan Thomas's Greenwich Village, New York which can be downloaded as a PDF.

My favourite pieces from this issue include Frances White's LLWYNPERDID FARM which has some lovely lines
... the farmer's new ponies
ungroomed and half-broken
only the whack of a leaf-stripped fern for mastery
we were release from the farmyard
clattering on stony lanes
up through the pine forest
disappearing like a meteor over Rhondda.
and ZAIDE'S STATUE by Marilyn Mohr
My grandfather sits on Seventh Avenue,
enthroned in bronze, sitting at his machine,
a monument to all the workers,
who wore themselves to thin cloth,
laboring in this noisy rag trade district.
Wes Magee describes BLEAKNESS ON BLAKEY RIDGE in February
an abandoned car lies in a deep drift.

Swallowed, the ram's carcass
and a roadside sign that read
'Drive with care. 50 lambs killed last year'.
#9 is due out January 2009
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