Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ian M Emberson: Mourning Ring

Mourning Ring by poet and artist, Ian M Emberson, is not just a collection of nine poems with a Brontë connection. The chapbook is a work of art in itself. The poems are printed using a script-font that resembles writing but is very easy to read. The margins of the pages are covered by Ian's charcoal-like drawings. LIFE'S LONE WILDERNESS, for example
She watches from that lonely house
the narrative of sky
the cirrus twisting in the wind
beyond the grouse's cry -
and flowing from her moving pen
a tale of two who yearn,
as one sail trembles on the winds
of exile and return
carries below it a ship sailing on - is it moor or sea? - the detail matters not.

More information can be found on the Brontë blog
Angria Press
1 Highcroft Road
OL14 5LZ

ISBN 978 0 9521693 6 9

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  1. I love the title, Mourning Ring and the lines from "Life's Lone Wilderness".