Monday, June 22, 2009

35 Years Married: A Reflection

My mother gave us six months, and my mother-in-law probably less, but 35 years on we are still together.

Anyhow, there'll be no big celebrations; as always we'll just get on with day to day living.

This is a photograph of myself reflected in my wife's sunglasses.

Christine is looking down the Market Place past the entrance to the shopping mall, as you can see more clearly on Hyde Daily Photo.


  1. How wrong they were. Happy Anniversary, 35 years is a great innings. Linda

  2. Aw Gerald! Happy Anniversary!
    We must meet up for a cuppa!
    Any nice suggestions in Cheshire one Sunday?

  3. You are obviously no good at maths the pair of you. Off by 34 years. Day to day getting on with it is why it's a 35th anniversary. Congratulations.

  4. We're coming up 37 years - nice to know there are other folk who work enough at their marriage to make it last.

    Congrats - and don't relax yet!!

  5. Congratulations!! We are only a few years behind you.

    I think the reason my MIL loved me so much was that I was the only wife her sons managed to keep between them! LOL!