Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Bench: Reddish Vale Country Park

I discovered this little moss-covered bench in an obscure part of the Reddish Vale Country Park on the outskirts of Stockport, Cheshire.

There is nothing much to view therefrom but the bench provides a welcome respite along an overgrown footpath. I didn't sit on it but did use it to help me retie the laces on my boots.

My favourite benches from last week include Barbara's in Newfoundland, Rune's in Bergen, the Sylvan Muse's in Durham, Carlos's in Barcelona, a bus bench in Hollywood and PERB's neglected bench.


  1. Well spotted Gerald... it really is a good find... I should think the moss would be comfy, but maybe a tad damp as well.
    I have been here twice resently and plan an early morning trip there... I have only walked around the ponds and the viaduct but intend exploring the place more.
    My post are: Sky Blue and Sky Poem

  2. I bet its a welcome bench to the walker who has traveled a bit! Good spotting it! Come and see mine.

  3. A good find on a footpath, even if only to sit on the edge.

    My benches today are on the west coast.

  4. What a lovely rustic looking bench! I love the mossy look too - though would not sit on it as it would be damp!

  5. A bit late this time around, but I have been collecting new benches around Kristiansand. :-)

    This time around I see that you have chosen a trusty, but well worn companion. One can but wonder about the history behind it.

  6. It's quite lovely - and I love that you only use it to tie shoelaces! I've done that too, with stiles. :)

  7. Thanks for this mention. I prefer yours, it is a great bench. I like the texture on that thick plank.

  8. With moss for extra padded comfort!