Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Bench: Return to Vernon Park

I first visited Stockport's Vernon Park in January when it was cold and icy.

I went back on a hot day in June and here is that same bench although viewed from a different angle.

Last weeks Friday Bench inspired Leatherdyke to post an undedicated bench.

Other favourites from last week include Rune's in Tjorehagen, Barbara's in Troy and Sylvan Muses' at Moorbank Botanic Garden.


  1. The same bench six months apart - but the grass was green both tines. But I preferred the one without ice.

    I visited Leatherdyke and left a comment - very thoughtful of him.

  2. I like the metalwork - it looks like it has been sculpted to be like some kind of twigs.

  3. I shall have to go back and see why my bench did not make the "memorable list." :o9

    Your bench has character! The iron work gives it strength. It is always fun to re-visit a bench in different seasons.

  4. I left a coment on the "old" post about the same bench also.

  5. My favourite bench has been removed so I am a little miffed. I like bench images just inviting to the viewer. Tom's phrase a "resting of benches" is so apt.