Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Sons of Camus Writers International Journal #6

Laboratooriumi --
grass in cracks under wooden doors
so quiet

Russia's Venice
from this one bridge
eight to be seen

fish market
next to the herring stall
second-hand books

These are just three of my contributions to the latest issue of this journal for writers over 55. You'll find in it nine "charcoals" based on photographs of Tallinn, Saint Petersburg and Helsinki.

John Light contributes a story which he says is extracted from a novel under construction. It is an enthralling piece and I enjoyed
I distrust experts. They see everything with a trained eye and the trained eye sees only what it has been trained to see ...
Raymond Humphreys has an essay on Poetry in Translation whilst Herbert Williams asks Who are the British?.

There is more artwork with a series of collages by Alan Perry as well as short stories, reviews and poetry to be found in the journal's 200 pages.

Editor, Ann J Davidson, is currently considering submissions for the next issue by email at

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  1. That looked like an interesting technique to try out - I'm too afraid to experiment. An although I'm as you know very unfamiliar with Haiku, it all seemed to fit very well together.

    PS Thank you for the comment: If you ever pass through Bergen again - give me a call!!!

  2. herrings and old books lying side by side - what a lovely image!