Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Bench (5): Bench with Geese and Ducks

Walking through Stamford Park at Ashton under Lyne past the boating lake I suddenly came across a bench surrounded by geese and ducks.

Their home is this fishing lake and you can see the bench all forlorn now on the right.

My favourite benches from last week include the Sylvan Muse's in Durham, Jacob's empty bench in Ocala, Barbara's in Belcara Bay and Kerri's at Mabry Mill.


  1. Would you be swarmed by all those ducks if you sat down on the bench with a sandwich? -- An occupational hazard for bench bloggers. :)

  2. Your blog photo today proved that benches aren't just for people. . . although I could certainly enjoy that view there and not want to share it with "the birds." Maybe you would like to see my benches today? Glad you liked Kerri's bench she posted last week -- we blog together on that blog. Maybe you didn't see mine but that's ok.

  3. It reminds me of Lake Fairhaven, St Annes. One year the Canada's had over 70 gosling which they put in a creche with about 5 adults. You could tell their regular spots around the park: the grass was replaced by a dense mat of daisies.

  4. I would imagine it would be quite noisy with all those geese and ducks! As long as they were friendly it could be quite fun!