Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Bench (12): Broadbottom Road, Mottram

This week's bench is on Broadbottom Road at Mottram in Longdendale. Behind it is a huge clump of ragwort, a perennial weed but nonetheless pretty.

Here you can see it in situ. On the left is The Waggon, a popular hostelry currently undergoing renovation.

My favourite benches discovered last week include East Gwillimbury's with a hat, PERB's at the Clark County Fair, Rune's old school bench, Cheryl's artistic benches in Hickory, Irina's in Moscow and Gregor's in Innsbruck.


  1. The yellow flowers are lovely, and the bench seems to be in an excellent location.

    I have a bench up this week as I needed a break from my writing.

  2. The bench might need a going over, but it must be very nice place to sit among the bushes on that corner.

    BTW The colours of the flowers indicate that the pictures were taken at very different times, but the EXIF-data included in the photos says that they were taken yesterday - six seconds apart. Is this true, or is my EXIF-program (Opanda) fooling me?

  3. Strong bench for a rest with beautiful, colorful "weeds" background! Nice bench for adults but a child might fall through the back if they leaned back to rest! Ü

    I am happy that you enjoyed my Fair benches last week. Drop by and see the personal bench I bought at the Farmers Market.

  4. What an utterly fab site. I llike a person who has a thing for public benches like me!! Thanks for your comment ages ago on my blog x

  5. that looks like a nice bench, i like ragwort too, though I know horses don't

  6. Back to answer your question. Yes, we have blood pressure machines in several grocery stores like Safeway and Walmart. An average of the readings is best taken as they are not as accurate as at a dr.'s office.

    You left your comment on my bench the following day from Friday's challenge. . . I always put it up on Thursday evening sicne it is already Friday in Norway. . . This week, I showed my personal home made bench I recently purchased and you missed it by leaving your comment on the next days bench. Maybe you will return?