Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Bench (16): Hania

A couple of weeks ago I linked to Meditteranian Kiwi's bench by the seafront at Koum Kapi.

It wasn't until she posted A view of the sea across the road from the disused Turkish fountains and mentioned, "The benches in a previous post are to the right of the fort", that I realised I had my own photo of the bench.

I recognised the Santa Lucia Bastion in her post.

My favourite benches discovered last week include Bab's hiding a fountain, Runes's with a charming lady and Dina's stone bench.


  1. yes, that is the koum kapi area.

    here is some interesting trivia about the bastion. for many years, it was used as a cafe, operated by the municipal council. to get to it, you had to climb up some rickety steps, and it was only open in the summer (naturally, since there was no indoor space). sadly, it closed down - it was one of my favorite places for a coffee and some breezy respite from the heat...

  2. A great location for a bench to while away the time gazing at the water, or otherwise engaged as the couple are.

    My bench is up this week.

  3. You have captured the place beautifully. I shall go back - some time.

  4. I like this shot, Gerald. My bench shot also looks out over water. It's a bench on Lake Simcoe

  5. This photo is beautiful and romantic. I like the soft light from the sun on the stone wall. Nice place to sit and enjoy in beautiful view of the sea.