Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ABC Wednesday - N is for Nuuk

Previously on this blog I have brought you to Qaqortoq. Now we journey further North past the icebergs to Greenland's capital Nuuk, once known as Godthåb.

Like anywhere else, when you visit the bank, you tie your dog up outside by the nearest litter bin.

while tourists stare
a dog shadows its master
on main street

on their way home
dashing past dandelions
schoolgirls chatter

On one of the hillsides is this sculpture by Aka Høegh.

This is looking down at the Colonial Harbour. On the left is a museum. On the right is the statue of Hans Egede. Between the buildings you can see the queues of cruise passengers waiting to return to the ship.

There is a photograph of some of the souvenir sellers on sithenah and a fuller account of my day in Nuuk with other photographs on my Cruise Journal.

For more N posts visit ABC Wednesday.


  1. The Colonial Harbour looks like a painting. What a lovely place to visit.

  2. Oh, I agree with photowannabe, it does look like a beautiful place to visit!



  3. Nice !
    Another place i have to visit.

    Greetings from Sweden.

  4. I never realised that Greenland is so beautiful. That sculpture is astonishing...everyone MUST enlarge the photo to see its detail.

  5. I wish people wouldn't post all those photos of beautiful places: I am on page four of 'places yet to visit'! Ah well, page five: Nuuk in Greenland...

  6. Fascinating place, love those coloured houses.

  7. I suppose I ought to go to GREENland; it is my nomenclature destiny.

  8. I've heard that Greenland is a beautiful place to visit; your photographs certainly confirm that recommendation!

    I had NO time to do a post this week:)

  9. Beautiful. The colors are gorgeous and brilliant.

  10. It's the light I love in these far north places. So cold but so crisp and clear to photograph.

  11. Such a beautiful place! Oh and I loved the dogs, so "hugable"!

    Great ABC post!

    Kisses from Nydia.

  12. Thanks for the tour. Nuuk is lovely.

  13. That wolf tied to the litter bin looks reasonably friendly, but I wouldn't want to get too close. Nice set from Nuuk, Gerald.

  14. Looks pretty! I like the sculpture!

  15. Looks great, interesting views, very bright and clear too.