Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Bench (19): Piccadilly Basin

Today's benches are to be found at the Piccadilly Basin on the Rochdale Canal in Manchester.

On Wednesday I showed you a series of photos of two narrowboats negotiating Lock 84, the last of nine inner-city locks from the Rochdale's end at the Bridgewater Canal to here at the Piccadilly Basin. A right turn here leads to the Ashton Canal.

My favourite benches discovered last week include Leatherdyke's at Strawberry Waters, Dina's outside Alrov Mamilla Mall, Rune's at Goathland Station, Barbara's at Tofino, Dimple's with reflections, Lynn's in Cheltenham, Rose's red bench in Nashville and Jarart's with a sculpture in Prescott.


  1. Hi Gerald
    I have never walked any of this canal, I really should make the effort.. I can imagine after climbing a few locks those benches would be a sight for soar eyes...
    I'm showing three benches this week all taken in B&W.. and all to be seen in Cheethams Park.. I took a walk over Duki golf course and dropped down from the fields atop of Yew Tree lane, into the woods of Early Bank and then into the park where I rested from the walk.

  2. Touring along those canals in a longboat must be quite an experience. No wonder they need bencher along the way.

  3. The long boats are called "narrowboats" - the boat users probably don't use the benches as they've got seats inside their boats.

    It is a slow mode of travel especially through the locks. I watched them come through Lock 84 and then walking the towpath I passed them at Lock 83. At Lock 82 I caught a bus!

  4. An interesting twosome.

    The first with the water hurrying over the lock gate suggests a restless feeling - almost a 'don't sit here too long, lots of things need done'.

    The second has calm and repose in the still water - 'take it easy'.

  5. I used to work very near to this lock. Nice to find in the city centre.