Friday, January 01, 2010

Friday Bench (28): Clarendon Place

In better weather this bench on Clarendon Place, Hyde is well used by shoppers waiting for the bus from Hattersley to Manchester; eating their take-away lunch; having a fag or simply resting.

See the bench in context on Hyde Daily Photo.

More interesting benches I've discovered recently include Rune's in Stølen, Michael's in St Kilda, D J Kirkby's in Berlin, Inverness Daily Photo's at Dochgarroch Locks, Suzanne's in Wooster Square, Jeremy's in Wellington, Blognote's in Arona, Leatherdyke's in Queen's Park and Kate's in St Paul.


  1. What a splendid piece, a little lost without your close-up.

  2. Maybe a bit wet and cold at the moment, but if you are clad for the occasion it will do the job.

  3. Who spread the icing sugar all around!!

    Thanks for the excellent posts.

    Have a brilliant 2010.