Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday:
Henry Street, Glossop

The shadows are falling over the Glossop Heritage Centre (and Tourist Information Centre).

It has been driven out of its 23 year old Henry Street home next door to Sandra's Florists.

According to the Trust's website
"All artifacts are in safe storage and will be re used when new premises are found."
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  1. Great shadow shot, Gerald! Amazing how many small businesses, and places like this that being rooted out.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  2. The shadow is delicate, and it doesn't obliterate this beautiful building. The shame is that legacy and history are seemingly not important. If a place forgets its rich heritage, the rest of the world will not care, either. A shame, we hope the trust takes care of its artifacts. This looks like a nice town, it would be nice for all to remember...

  3. What a shame the higher authorities in their wisdom chose to close down the Heritage Centre. Back in August on a trip to Scotland we visited the Heritage Centre at Alness, north of Inverness, where a most wonderful and dedicated woman took a great chunk out of her day to drive us around to see where my ancestors lived before they left for Australia in the 1840s. May these centres thrive and keep the history alive.

  4. Long shadows, so long that we do not see the trees.
    As for the Heritage Center, I am surprised, I thought that the UK took its heritage seriously and tried to preserve it.

  5. Have a great ShadowShotSunday
    Happy holidays!


  6. Some very sweet shadows. I hope they soon find a new home for the Heritage Centre. That's sad.

  7. Thanks Gerald.

    The artifacts are in safe storage so will be ready when new premises are found.

    One of the side-effects is that I have taken over maintenance of the web site and we are starting to add new material. All being well we shall have a growing on-line presence even whilst there is no physical Heritage Centre.

  8. Hi Gerald - lovely building and nice shot of the soft shadows of the trees. Glad to see from Graham's comment that all is not lost ....

  9. Lovely scene - I hope the centre can secure premises...

  10. Charming old buildings and definitely worth preserving. Best wishes to the heritage center on finding a new location.

  11. Looking old but strong building.

    My SSS can be found here. Merry Christmas!

  12. Lovely looking building. It is a shame the heritage centre has to leave.

  13. Lovely delicate shadows. Happy Christmas!

  14. I've had to move my small business twice because of the sale of the building...not fun!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!