Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Bench (28): Etherow Park

Back in February I introduced you to Etherow Country Park.

I was back there recently on a bright morning. There are many benches around the park, some donated by local societies and others are memorial benches.

This one, dedicated to Ellen Taylor is just below the top of and facing the mill pond. See the top of the pond on sithenah. Behind the bench is the valley of the River Etherow as it flows through Ernocroft Wood.

My favourite benches discovered recently include Inverness Daily Photo's in Rosemarkie, Ben's in Pasadena, Barbara's in Queen's Park and Dina's in Jerusalem.


  1. but why is it facing away from the waterway running behind it?

  2. M k - because the river behind it is in the woods - the view in front of it is much more interesting.

  3. I think the black & white gives it a forlorn and deserted look, whereas the colour makes it much more welcoming.

    Or maybe that is just the mood I'm in at the moment