Friday, January 15, 2010

Photo of the Year 2009: Runner-up

The voting for Hyde DP Photo of the Year 2009 was very close this year.

At the end there was only 1 vote between the winner and the runner-up.

The winner with 177 votes was Market Street Chimney Pots.

With 176 votes the runner-up was Drystone Waller at Dunkirk Farm

You can see the winner on Hyde Daily Photo.

All twelve photographs, in full resolution, can be viewed on The Best of Hyde Daily 2009.

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Here are the full results of the voting.

177 votes: Market Street Chimney Pots
I remember these skyline attractions well when I lived in Hyde some 40 years ago. As an avid photographer myself I also like the concept of photographing something from the past that may eventually only exist through photographs. Well done, even down to the authentic pigeon poo decorating the sides - for uniqueness of subject, quality - sharpness and color of photo - it makes me want to look at it more closely - it has atmosphere - speaks of hardworking city life, as it is still today and in days gone by. -it is aesthetically pleasing - unique to UK and not to the tropics - I always wanted one like those in my back garden to put a plant in - like the busy starlings.
176 votes: Drystone Waller at Dunkirk Farm
So much history and future in one image! - I've always liked stories about people living in the particular dp city/town - for the waller's expression.
120 votes: Winter Grazing
Those gorgeous horses - just love the romantic atmosphere of the shot - very appealing textures, tones - for the most unusual sight with horses - ever!
88 votes: Sunset on the Trail
I like the golden glow of the sun in this - for the best perspective and colors and the quintessential Hyde countryside.
80 votes: W.I. at Gee Cross Fete
It is colourful, clear and interesting - it is so typically British! - the women's stance, the items for sale, the intensity of involvement on their faces - the photographer has captured a moment in time that is absolutely authentic - quality, colors and movement - not a photo I would put on my wall, but a genuinely historical moment - atmosphere of the stall.
65 votes: Through My Wife's Eyes
It is unusual and original - outstanding reflection and a creative idea! - curious style - quirky perspective.
55 votes: Heron on the Peak Forest Canal
What a beautiful bird! - great capture.
49 votes: Green Lane Pool
The reflections of the sky and trees in the pond are wonderful - rich in nature, beautiful.
37 votes: Quiet Sunday
The Woolworths story sums up 2009 - wonderful composition - The girls are sat on one of Hydes 'Wishing Benches'... during the week you can see poor drunkards 'wishing' they had enough money to get into the local pubs.
32 votes: Hyde Park Bridge
Gorgeous! I'm jealous you have such lovely parks.
30 votes: Mottram Cricket Club
Sharp and clean shot, really captured the moment - for the English green
18 votes: Hare & Hounds at Mid-Summer
We had lunch there in May on a Monday and it was so busy. We loved the long light evenings, sadly it's something we don't have here in Queensland.
Many thanks to all who voted.

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